Sunday, November 04, 2007

IM David Levy's Robot Fetish

PC World has an article online today titled "A Robot Bride by 2050? Humans will love and marry robots by the mid-21st century, an AI researcher forecasts," reviewing IM David Levy's recent book, Love and Sex with Robots. My first reaction was, "When chess players are also computer geeks, they inevitably play into every stereotype..." My second: "Not that there's anything wrong with that..." My third: "I wonder if Republicans will raise this issue in the next election cycle..." The ad copy for the book includes the following:

Shocking but utterly convincing, Love and Sex with Robots provides insights that are surprisingly relevant to our everyday interactions with technology. This is science brought to life, and Levy makes a compelling and titillating case that the entities we once deemed cold and mechanical will soon become the objects of real companionship and human desire. Anyone reading the book with an open mind will find a wealth of fascinating material on this important new direction of intimate relationships, a direction that, before long, will be regarded as perfectly normal.


katar said...

uh oh, better buy some insurance!


Michael Goeller said...

I wasn't so sure about sex with robots, but that video completely puts me off the idea... :-)

Thanks for the video link. Just remembering it still gets me giggling at odd moments of the day...