Monday, November 05, 2007

13-Year-Old Ray Robson Makes IM Norm

Robson - Vigorito, Chicago 2007 Robson - Vigorito, Chicago 2007
White to play.

The first-place finish and first IM norm of 13-year-old Ray Robson at the 6th North American FIDE Invitational in Chicago has led to widespread recognition of the youngster's Fischer-like talent. That recognition is well deserved. Robson played some great games, but none more impressive than his victory over closest tournament rival, IM David Vigorito, which I have annotated. This was probably Robson's most flawless performance in the event and an important contribution to opening theory--suggesting that Black has a bit more work ahead of him in this critical line of the Loewenthal Sicilian.

Those interested in finding out more about the tournament should check out the following articles (though there will likely be more news coverage in the coming week):


Michael Goeller said...

I thought we just did not have the complete score of Robson's win over IM Angelo Young. But today I noticed Mig Greengard reported at the Daily Dirt that the win "came on a cell-phone forfeit on move 13. According to organizer Sevan Muradian this won't ruin Robson's norm since it took place over the board. In 2003 Dominguez and Ponomariov both lost games this way."

katar said...

Todd Andrews at
In the following game, Ray took out IM David Vigorito in a game that Dave actually prepared Ray for! David tried to surprise Ray with the Lowenthal variation of the open Sicilian. However, Ray had seen the very lecture that Dave gave online and used his own knowledge against him.

Another reason to subscribe to CHESSLECTURE.COM! :)

Michael Goeller said...

Thanks for pointing us to Todd Andrews's article, "All About Ray in Chicago." I guess you are refering to my review of I will definitely have to renew my subscription!