Friday, November 09, 2007

Reviews of "How Life Imitates Chess"

Carl Schreck's "Game Theory" (online today at Moscow Times website) presents a balanced but ultimately very critical review of Kasparov's How Life Imitates Chess, even calling the former champion a "bad businessman," in apparent reference to the failure of "Kasparov Chess Online" (for which Kasparov himself was hardly to blame). I have read reviews both positive (The Wall Street Journal's "It's Your Move") and negative (The Observer's "He was more fun when he was in the pawn squad"). For those seeking to judge for themselves, BusinessWeek features two excerpts from the book: Garry Kasparov's Endgame and Kasparov's Crisis in Seville. I welcome comments from anyone who has read the book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael-
thanks for the links! You can find my review of Kasparov's "How life imitates chess" here.

GMI Jean-Luc CHABANON said...

Gary Kasparov was in Paris the 21 th novembre.

On the first video, you can see what he said about the dangers of his situation. It was just 3 days before his arrestation in Moscow. Gary Kasparov : The "King" in Danger

On the second one, Gary Kasparov explained what is to him the process of decision ! His book has just been translated in fench.Gary Kasparov : How life imitates chess

GMI Jean-Luc Chabanon for Echecs-Académie