Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blogshares Chess

Blogshares ChessCheck it out, since it is not likely to last beyond this weekend: The Kenilworthian is ranked #6 among chess blogs at Blogshares: The Fantasy Blog Stock Market. Of course, just as with the regular stock market, these rankings have little connection to real value. Quite a few prominent chess blogs (including The New York Times's Gambit blog) don't even get listed, and the rankings have no relation to the number of visitors each receives (otherwise The Daily Dirt could knock everyone else off the list). But it's nice to see that people are reading, referencing, and linking to my blog sufficiently to gain some standing in my "industry."


Robert Pearson said...

Wow, you're at no. 6, like your going to a BCS Bowl Game! I'm surprised and pleased to see that I'm at 24--who puts these on the list anyway? I'd heard of Blogshares but I didn't know much about it. Anyway, you definitely deserve your place in the Top 10, although I still don't understand exactly how they derive the rankings.

Michael Goeller said...

Maybe we should have "Blogger Bowl" games, or at least a tournament among the top bloggers below master.... As David Glickman has discussed at some length, Blogshares seems to base their values on the number of links you get from other blogs of value -- rather like how Google ranks search results (though Google uses a number of other factors as well). So it doesn't tell you much beyond the fact that other bloggers read your stuff occasionally... :-)