Monday, March 27, 2006

USATE 2006 Info and Links

Pete Tamburro recently posted information about the winners of the U.S. Amateur Team East on the NJSCF website's "Tournament Coverage" page. He was having trouble uploading the games to his site in CBH/CBV format and sent them to me. I had trouble with the ChessBase files also, but I have now converted them to PGN format for easy downloading. Here are some USATE 2006 links:

USATE 2006 Games in PGN
Official USCF Crosstable (of individual results)
Wall Chart (of team results and individual results by team) -- a big text file.

The Wall Chart shows that Kenilworth CC #1 finished 21 out of 272 teams. Not bad, and, in fact, better than last year. There was some concern that we had failed to sign up properly to put ourselves in contention for best NJ Team, but the Wall Chart shows that ICA Dads (13th place) was well ahead of us (as was at least one other NJ Team).

I have not had a chance to go through the games myself but I know that there are several interesting ones and I will likely be analyzing a few in the coming week. There was an especially nice ending played by Westfield CC's Peter Radomskyj that deserves some attention and which he showed to some of us shortly after it was played. So, more to come....

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