Friday, January 28, 2011

Nakamura Leading at Wijk aan Zee

I have been following with great interest the games in the Tata Steel (formerly Corus) tournament at Wijk aan Zee (see A-group games at, where US Champion Hikaru Nakamura is battling for first against World Champion Vishy Anand, with Super-GMs Lev Aronian, Magnus Carlsen, and Vladimir Kramnik nipping at their heels.  There have been a number of good ChessVibes videos for fans, including Carlsen's discussion of his game with Nakamura (Naka's only loss), Kramnik's discussion of his game with L'Ami (the more I see of Kramnik on video, the more I appreciate him and his style of play), and Anand's discussion of his masterful exchange sac against Wang Hao.  Going into the last rounds, Nakamura has taken the lead and is "Close to a Career Best Triumph" in the strongest tournament of the year.  A very exciting event, especially for fans of the U.S. Champion, who have a great weekend of chess to look forward to (which almost makes up for being snowbound here on the East coast).

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