Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kenilworth Chess Club Championship Starts

The 21st Annual Kenilworth Chess Club Championship tournament starts tonight -- see the Calendar or The Chess Coroner for details. Games from the 20052006, and 2007 championships are collected online, and I'm sure more recent ones are online too.  In his history of the club, Mike Wojcio tells how important the championship has been as an institution that has helped to keep the club going for over two decades.  Mike is a bit of an institution himself, but (unless he suddenly comes back from Hawaii) this will be the first club championship without him.  I'm sure he is enjoying himself. I will be playing in the championship myself, especially since the five round and unrated format make it a great opportunity to shake off some rust in preparation for the US Amateur Teams.


katar said...

Woohoo! Glad that you will be playing, even if it is unrated... I hope you will post some interesting games, win, lose, or draw!

DACarrelli said...

FYI...Wojcio and the Chessaholics will be at the Amateur Team East!