Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 KCC Championship, Round One

McAuliffe - Goeller, Kenilworth CC Ch. 2011
Black to play.

I have annotated the game McAuliffe - Goeller, Kenilworth 2011, from the first round of the 21st Annual Kenilworth Chess Club Championship.  I have had two previous games against Dr. Geoffrey McAuliffe, both of which were quite interesting: in the 2005 club championship and the 2008 summer tourney.  The present game went well for me and should help build my confidence going forward.  I got to play my favorite Black Fianchetto System in the Open Games (see Part One and Part Two), which has turned out to be a very solid system and a great fit with the King's Indian against d4.    John Moldovan has posted all of the games from Round One along with a crosstable.  John and I are scheduled to play next week in the "battle of the bloggers."

The first round of play in the Kenilworth CC Championship.


katar said...

Great game! Glad you are shaking the rust off. Your presence as a participant in that tournament adds a lot of value to your club and to the other players' experiences! I thought a7-a5-a4 was a very high-class plan since Black may be tempted to limit his play solely to the kingside. FYI you may be interested to know that Alexandra Kosteniuk began her scholastic career playing 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Qe7 as Black, described in her book, IIRC with moves like c6, d6, g6, Bg7, Nh6, f6, Nf7.

Michael Goeller said...

Thanks, Katar. I will have to look at that Kosteniuk plan -- I have been curious about Qe7 myself.