Thursday, August 10, 2006

U.S. Open Chess Bloggers


Michael Lee (2124) - IM Timothy Taylor
Black to play and win. Taylor missed it.


Michael Lee (2124) - IM Timothy Taylor
White to play and win. Lee found it.

In the absence of any worthwhile official website, we chess bloggers have had to step up to fill the void on U.S. Open news.... I have posted notes on two fantastic upsets from Round 4 (see diagrams above from one of them). And I have two notes on the New Jersey contingent: our own Mike Wojcio lost his first-round game (playing the five day schedule), but 14-year-old NJ master Evan Ju (featured here in May) is at 4.5/5 playing the nine day schedule (having taken a first-round half-point bye) which puts him near the top of the leader board.

Here are some other places you can look for U.S. Open Chess Championship reports:

Drew Groeger, "The Royal Game"
Discusses his own games and some of what's going on around him.

Ivan Wijetunge, "Getting to 2000"
Some games and commentary.

Heather Swan, "Heather Swan's Blog"
This candidate-A player has posted some good photos and game commentaries.

Brad Rosen, "64 Square Jungle"
The Chess Dad is on the scene...

Susan Polgar, "Susan Polgar Chess Blog"
Of course she is in Chicago, and count on the ubiquitous GM to let us know about everything she is doing chess-wise.

Jerry MacDonald, "Cast Out of Even"
Promises to bring his laptop and keep us posted, but so far has made only one small post on his first two losses....

Of course, the official site and standings page are worth a look. Next year, at the very least, they should link to blogs by participants and other commentators.

Please let me know in the "Comments" area of any other U.S. Open chess sites or blogs you find.

You can view games from the US Open online at the MonRoi site (tournament 219), which requires free registration and an acceptance of their terms (i.e.: be sure to click on the little link accepting their terms of use). Off of the main page, there are links to see photos from all the rounds. The rest of the site appears under construction.


DrewG said...

Thanks for the mention and link to my blog. It's good to see others covering a very exciting event. Keep up the good postings!

John B. Flores said...

Standings after 7th Round for 5.5 + pts

I too have created a blog to cover the standings after each round. My blog site can be found at 2006 US Open Chess Championships.

I hope I didn't miss anyone...I'm sure i'll hear about it if I did.
GM Joel Benjamin 6.5
GM Yury Shulman 6.5
GM Alexander Shabalov 6.5
GM Zviad Izoria 6
GM John Fedorowicz 6
IM Emilio Cordova 6
IM Justin Sarkar 6
IM Timothy Taylor 6
Joel Banawa 6
Angelo Young 6
FM Michael Ainger 6
GM Gregory Kaidanov 5.5
GM Giorgi Kacheishvili 5.5
GM Dimitry Gurevich 5.5
IM Florin Felecan 5.5
IM Alfonso Almeida 5.5
IM Michael Mulyar 5.5
FM Andrew Karkins 5.5
Emory Tate 5.5
Jon Burgess 5.5
William Paschall 5.5
Bat-Ochir Gunsen 5.5

John B. Flores said...

Does a draw against a GM qualify as a norm?

Michael Goeller said...

The rules for gaining a GM norm are complicated, but suffice to say that "drawing a GM" alone does not a norm make... Wikipedia has a useful definition and more useful links...

John B. Flores said...

Thanks Michael!

I surmise then, no one will be earning GM norms from the US Open. Or are the adoptive homes from many of the foreign born players not taken into account?

John B. Flores said...

I am going to be viewing E.Cordova-J.Benjamin 8th round match realtime on the Monroi website at:

The public is invited to join me in viewing and kibitzing.

John B. Flores said...

Michael, I have another and "official" can find it here:


Heather Flewelling said...

Thanks for posting a link to my blog. I never thought anyone other than friends and family would want to read it (that's why I created it). I was wondering, how did you find my blog?

Michael Goeller said...

Google Blog Search...