Tuesday, July 12, 2011

John Cox on Lasker's Defense

UPDATED: I was very interested to see Lasker's Defense featured prominently in John Cox's just released Declining the Queen's Gambit (Everyman 2011), available from Amazon.  I don't think there has been a good book on the Lasker in over a decade, and certainly none from the Black perspective.  Based on the excellent sample pages (download the PDF file from the Wayback Machine), which give the entire Lasker Defense chapter (thanks, Katar, for pointing that out), I'd say it looks like a great book and one which, together with Cox's earlier Dealing with d4 Deviations, offers a complete repertoire for Black against 1.d4.  I look forward to reading it more closely.

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katar said...

Wow, the free PDF sample pages include the *entire* chapter on the Lasker defense. Now there's a publisher with confidence (no teasing cliffhangers like cutting the sample mid-game). I think Cox's confession of missing multiple deadlines and extended deadlines also inspires confidence in the final product since one knows it wasn't rushed to press for the sake of meeting a deadline. Sadler's book on the QGD is legendary for its prose explanations, which Cox says he deliberately avoided here in favor of being thorough on the theory-- so Sadler and Cox together would seem to be quite comprehensive. Thanks for the links.