Sunday, July 03, 2011

John Bryant's Tactics

Bryant - Shen, Round One
White to play
Bryant - Sturt, Round Three
White to play
Bryant - Ding, Round Four
White to play
Troff - Bryant, Round Seven
Black to play
Bryant - Naroditsky, Round Eight
White to play
I have posted tactical puzzles from the games of FM John Bryant from the recent 2011 US Junior Championship in Saint Louis.  Though he finished 7th out of 10, Bryant's games were always tactically interesting, and it is telling that he was one of the only players with no draws (5 wins and 4 losses).  Bryant's swashbuckling attacking play was not always sound, but it produced some very nice finishes, represented above.  Most of the puzzles are fairly easy, except for the last which requires some judgment of the resulting ending.  More about the championship, won by Andrew Young (who finished two points ahead of the field), can be found online:

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