Sunday, October 11, 2009

King Kong Chess Set

You can get an impressive King Kong Deluxe Chess Set for $129.99 from Toynk. Based on the classic 1933 film, it contrasts an art deco city with a savage island (ruled by Kong as its King.) Daryl has great pictures from his collection (hope he didn't buy it at $475.) I'd be tempted to invent a special chess variation to match the set (along the lines of Dracula Chess), in which the object of the game is for black to capture Ann Darrow and white to rescue her. Oh, wait, isn't that Donkey Kong?


Richard said...

Wow! Daryl's photos of that chess set certinly make it look very impressive indeed. Althought a great show piece I wouldn't fancy a game on it myself though.

Donkey Kong Game said...

They don't ship to my country and I can't order this ;(