Friday, May 29, 2009

Sandi Hutama Wins US Amateur East

There is an article at the USCF website by Steve Ferrero about Sandi Hutama taking the 66th annual US Amateur Championship East title in Somerset, NJ. The crosstable is also up and shows how Hutama dominated the field with 5.5 out of 6. Jim West has posted a selection of Steve's excellent photos from the event (note to Jim: fix the blog template; scrolling is a pain.) Diamondback also has shots of the prize winners. A record 220 players participated in this Heritage Event.

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Diamondback said...

Please give credit where credit is due. Photos taken by Kevin E Chen of the USACE 2009 trophy winners, posted by myself on my chess blog 'Diamondback Chess" with Kevin's gracious and generous permission.

Kevin, also shot the pictures of USATE Team East pictures posted on my blog in two parts on March 1, 2009 post.

Gotta Love It ! the way Kevin E Chen takes pictures of Chess Events.