Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2007 Kenilworth CC Championship Update

chess diagram Sokolosky - Wojcio
White to play and win.
The Chess Coroner has been doing an excellent job of covering the games from the 2007 Kenilworth Chess Club Championship, posting annotated java applets for Rounds Four, Three, Two, and One. After four rounds, FM Steve Stoyko has a perfect score to lead the open section while Joe Demetrick, Greg Tomkovich, and Ed Selling have perfect scores in the Under-1800 section.

I was especially pleased to see Bill Sokolosky playing in the Under-1800 section. Bill has been away from the club for some time while completing a masters degree at Rutgers. I was watching his game when it reached the position in the diagram above, where Bill found the clear path to victory with 62.Ke5! d4 (otherwise 63.Kxd4 wins easily) 63. Kd6 Ke8 (otherwise 64.Kd7 forces a queen) 64. Kc6 Ba7 65. Kb7! (Domination! The Bishop has no escape!) 65...d3 66. Kxa7 etc. and Black was soon forced to resign. I think I'll give that diagram to my students as a wonderful illustration of the domination theme in practical play.

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