Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Amusing Search Terms

In October I made a list of amusing search terms people have used to find my blog. Here are some more I have seen over the past week or so and my speculations about what they were really after:

  • my girlfriend beats me at chess (someone looking for help or maybe for fetish fare?)
  • mad dog wine label (someone checking to see if that name is taken before he puts it on his own bottles?)
  • hart selling (a misspeller out to make a quick buck?)
  • chess cupcakes (he should have tried 'tarts' if looking for sexy pictures)
  • youtube sugar pine tree (this one has me stumped)
  • apples in kenilworth (must be a 'Kenilworth' somewhere in the world where you can pick your own)
  • photos of fidel castro playing baseball (but it's easier to find him playing chess)
  • liesure activities are of great importance in our life (who could disagree?)

1 comment:

Chess Coroner said...

The "hart selling" searcher had to come from my 2006 KST game against Ed Selling, where I referenced "Hart - Selling : NJ Open 2005".