Saturday, May 06, 2006

Newspaper Article on NM Evan Ju


Black to play and win after 17.Kh2 in
Ashwath-Ju, WYCC Halkidiki 2003

There is an article in the Chester Observer-Tribune about 14-year-old New Jersey master Evan Ju. I know that young Evan has played several of our club members, and that he even posted a win over our club champion, Steve Stoyko, in the 2005 New Jersey Open, where the teenager finished in a tie for second place over a very strong field. I have posted two of his better games (including the scintillating attacking game Ashwath-Ju, from which the diagram above is taken) as a PGN file for you to download.

Update: See "How 15-year-old Evan Ju Won the 2006 NJ Open Chess Championship," which includes an analysis of all his games from the event.

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katar said...

Whoa, the move from the diagram is quite a shot. I am almost as shocked at White's feeble reply.... But i suppose that a move like Black's 17th could induce shell shock.