Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yaacov Norowitz Earns IM in Reykjavik

Norowitz (2432) – Kuzubov (2622), Round 10
White to play and win the Exchange after 20...Qxc7
Oleksienko (2568) – Norowitz (2432), Round 5
Black to play and win after 39.Ne3
The Chess Coroner reports that 2009 Kenilworth Chess Club Champion Yaacov Norowitz has earned his final IM norm with an excellent performance at the Reykjavik Open, where he played some wonderful games.  The positions above are taken from his games, all of which can be found online for the solutions.  Congratulations Yaacov!


Michael Goeller said...

Yaacov should have had an even better tournament, but he faced strong opposition -- as described in this article:

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