Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yaacov Norowitz Lecture on "Color Complexes"

Kenilworth Chess Club Champion Yaacov Norowitz will lecture tonight on "Color Complexes" (a.k.a. "square strategy") at the club.  Admission is $5.  This topic was touched upon in his previous lecture (which was very well received) on the Stonewall AttackI will be attending and recommend it to everyone.


katar said...

Mike, thanks for linking to your Shelfari. I prefer LibraryThing, but they appear almost identical. I'm curious about your book collection so i hope you keep adding books and brief comments. I appreciate the blog as always. Thanks.

Michael Goeller said...

I trust your opinion and will check it out. I was thinking of putting my whole library up but should look into the best tool before investing that sort of time... :-) I am also going to recommend that we use Library Thing or another for our club library.

katar said...

Fortunately it takes only 5 minutes to export/import from one to the other. To export from Shelfari, go to "Edit my profile" and the export option is at the bottom. To export from LibraryThing, use the "More" tab at the top right, then import/export is in the right column. Both services can import a book list in spreadsheet format.

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