Thursday, June 11, 2009

Online Blitz

I have posted two of my best "Killer Games" from recent online play. They are really fun miniatures with the Tango and the Left Hook Grand Prix (respectively), which I have discussed here before.

Not finding time to visit the club or even do a lot of chess analysis, I have been able to find a few minutes here or there for online blitz play. I used to play mostly unrated games at ICC, but lately I have been trying out a bunch of different sites (where I feel less invested in my rating status) and am working up toward a review of the ones I have used and a survey of others. My current favorites are Buho21 (where I probably play the most and have broken through my 2200 ceiling on several occasions) and ChessCube (which has a very nice interface, if not the strongest competition). One side benefit of playing at Buho21 is that I am learning a lot of new Spanish curse words.... I welcome suggestions for sites I should try -- especially if I can try them for free.


katar said...

Wow, you play in a brutal style, and i am in awe of your scholarly knowledge of chess openings!! I always enjoy your postings. :)

CMoB said...

LOL! Tell me about those Spanish curse words. I play there too. However strong, they sure are a bunch of rude f.cks :-)

Jpatrick said...

I like the live chess at

There is lag sometimes, and IE as a browser is not recommended. However, the lag compensation is good, so nobody gets an edge if there is lag.

Ratings tend to be approximately USCF - 300, since they are on the Glicko system.

Tom Chivers said...

Hi Michael ---- what's your handle on chesscube?

Michael Goeller said...

At ChessCube I am "kenilworthian." At ICC "goeller." And at most other sites I play, I am "urusov." The other day I saw "Urusov" online at ChessCube and challenged him, but he declined.