Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kramnik and Aronian at Turin 2006

The Turin Olympiad may be old news (well covered by Wiener Zeitung and ChessBase), but the games are still being digested. I found that those of Aronian and Kramnik received the most attention from annotators, so I have compiled a collection of annotations to their games. I always find it helpful to look at several writer's notes to get the best picture of what's really going on, especially when it comes to recent games.

Kramnik - Aronian
Lubomir Kavalek, Chess (Washington Post, May 29)
Boris Schipkov, Russian Chess website
Leonard Barden, Barden on the 37th Olympiad in Turin (The Guardian, June 3)
Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind
Jorge Luis Fernandez, InforChess

Aronian - Navara
Lubomir Kavalek, Chess (Washington Post, June 5)
Andrei Devyatkin, ChessPro website
Jorge Luis Fernandez, InforChess
Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind

Sokolov - Aronian
Lubomir Kavalek, Chess (Washington Post, May 29)
Jack Peters, "Armenia Wins as Russia Falters" (LA Times, June 11)
Andrei Debyatkin, ChessPro website
Hector Leyva Paneque, InforChess

Kramnik - Naiditsch
Jonathan Speelman, Jonathan Speelman on Chess (Guardian Unlimited, June 11)
Jack Peters, "Record setting team event in Turn" (LA Times, June 4)
Play over the game and read the forum.

There are also some good notes on Dominguez-Yusupov from InforChess (Fernández and Defez and also by Paneque), which is a game worth a look.

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