Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Harry Nelson Pillsbury (December 5, 1872 - June 17, 1906)

Reading the excellent piece by Garry Kasparov at ChessBase on some of Harry Nelson Pillsbury's games, I was reminded that June 17, 2006 was the 100th Anniversary of the former U.S. champion's death (an event honored in his birthplace of Somerville, MA with a memorial). Largely displaced in the annals by his successor (Frank James Marshall) upon his untimely death at the age of 33 (from syphilis), Pillsbury played some spectacular games. Yet there are relatively few books or online articles about his exploits. Jacques Pope's Harry Nelson Pillsbury, American Chess Champion (Ann Arbor: Pawn Island Press, 1996) -- reviewed favorably at ChessCafe -- may be the most current. Segeant and Watts's 1922 biography and game collection Pillsbury's Chess Career (Dover Books 1966 rpt.) may still be found used. Edward Winter is able to list only ten Books About Pillsbury at his site, most of which are obscure. So it is likely that what anyone knows about him has been pieced together from various sources. Here is a bibliography of what you can find online:

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A collection of 400 games to view online, many with reader commentary on many.

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Published to correspond with the 100th anniversary of his death, this article offers a brief biographical sketch and Kasparov's revised take on two of his better games.

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Article describes the move by the Boylston Chess Club to name a square in Pillsbury's honor in his birthplace of Somerville, Massachusetts.

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Annotated game.

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Simply a chronology of salient dates for the American legend.

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Seems to rely heavily on the Crandall bio.

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