Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Max Lange Analysis Cited in Kaissiber #22

Stefan Bücker writes me that "for the next issue of my chess magazine Kaissiber (#22) GM Lev Gutman has written a detailed article on the Max Lange Attack (20 pages), and he concentrated on exactly the same line which you call the 'Modern Horowitz Variation,' i. e. 8. fxg7 followed by Bg5. By the way, Max Lange himself in his article (Dt. Schachzeitung 1854) had given 8 Re1+ as the main line, mentioning in the next line that 8 fxg7 might be better. Lev Gutman has found many fascinating lines, altogether he says White has an advantage."

GM Gutman will apparently be citing (and very likely critiquing!) some of my analysis. They may publish my photograph and will send me a free issue (so I can show it around the club, of course). I may be the next Adrian Skelton, whose analysis of the Jackal Attack in the French appeared in the venerable New in Chess.... I owe it all to Pete Tamburro who introduced me to Horowitz's analysis.

Some of my analysis on the Urusov has been cited, including in the excellent book Danish Dynamite and in an article by Tim Harding. But this is the first recognition of my Kenilworth Chess Club articles, so I'm very proud to share the news here.

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Unknown said...

Hey that's pretty neat, congrats. Your famous! Now I can say "I read his blog before all the money and fame"