Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Puzzles from New York 1857

There were certainly a lot of blunders at the First American Chess Congress (New York 1857). Your job is to find the win in each case. The diagrams are presented in order of difficulty from very easy to very difficult. All of the games can be played over (along with the games from the Morphy-Thompson match-up from the start or "1/8th-finals" of the tournament) online at my Selected Games from New York 1857 (also available as a PGN file to download).

Paulsen - Morphy after 23.f3.
Morphy blows it here....

Kennicot-Raphael after 13.d5??

Perrin-Knott after 26.Rg2

Fiske-Marache after 11...Ra8??

Stanley - Lichtenhien after 29...Rxc3??

Morphy - Paulsen after 6...Qxb2?

Morphy - Meek after 18...Qf8?

Paulsen - Morphy after 17.Qa6?

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