Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Party

Nearly 20 members attended last night's Holiday Party at the Kenilworth Chess Club, though not all participated in the business meeting.  Outgoing secretary John Moldovan served as master of ceremonies, introducing each report and overseeing elections.  He has written a complete report on the proceedings at the KCC Minutes blog and at his Chess Coroner blog for those who are interested.  The most amusing moment of the evening was when Don Carrelli was elected president while in the restroom and accepted the results by calling through the door--presumably still seated on the throne.  

Dr. Geoff McAuliffe gives the Treasurer's report
Nearly 20 members were in attendance
Long-time members Scott Massey and Rich Falcetano

After the business meeting, I played several blitz games with NM Mark Kernighan.  As usual in our games, I got to chase his king around the board and occasionally caught it, as in this cute miniature:

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