Tuesday, November 20, 2012

KCC Consultation Game Concludes

Consultation Game
White to play after 41...Nfe8.
I have annotated the now complete Kenilworth Chess Club Consultation Game (PGN) which concluded this past Thursday.  We thought that White's best try following the sealed move of 31.Bf5! was to bring his king to the queenside to aid the bishops in attacking the pawns there.  However, I had prepared a defense to that plan that I think might have held.  During the game, the White team obviously contemplated an alternative winning try, which I had not considered during the adjournment but also discuss in my notes.  In the diagram above, after much thought, the White team played the vacillating 42.Ke4 and the game eventually petered out to a draw.  What might have been the better try to play for a win?  I am tempted to send this game in to Pal Benko to see if he'd consider telling us how White might have continued from the adjourned position to win this game, as the White team did appear to have good winning chances.

The club is closed on Thursday, November 22nd, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  On Thursday, November 29th, I will deliver a lecture on the tactics of the Urusov Gambit at the club, which I am busy preparing.  More on that in a future post.

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