Monday, June 06, 2011

Shirov Goes Caveman vs Anand

Michelangelooo tells me there is now no doubt about who is the highest rated player to have tried the Caveman Caro-Kann: it is Alexei Shirov, who trotted out the once surprising rook sac yesterday in his match against World Champion Vishy Anand in Leon, Spain.  The game has been widely annotated on the web and shows that Anand had little trouble equalizing by declining White's sacrifice and offering an exchange of queens (following the method shown by Capablanca).  Shirov hardly did the opening justice (8.Qh3! was much better), but Anand played a very good game and won a convincing victory.


Matthew said...

Great Post! I'm sure the 'Caveman Caro' will still continue to be wheeled out, especially after this game. Anand's clinical refutation of this line would never put off the die hard club players! :)

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Michael Goeller said...

For my latest update on the Caveman Caro-Kann, check out: