Tuesday, December 14, 2010

King's Indian, Fianchetto and Gallagher Variation

I have annotated the game Carrelli - Goeller, Casual Correspondence 2010, just completed this past week, which featured the Gallagher Variation against White's Fianchetto in the King's Indian Defense.  In my notes to the game, I explore some of Black's other possibilities against the Fianchetto Variation, so it may be of value even to those not interested in the Gallagher specifically.  I learned a lot about the opening from the game, and while I now have some reservations about the Gallagher as Black, I found it is definitely full of dynamic piece play and tactics, which can make it an exciting line against the otherwise dull fianchetto.  White has to watch out, and it is easy to miss a shot even in correspondence.  In the diagram below, for instance, it is Black to play and win at least a pawn utilizing a classic KID motif.

Carrelli - Goeller, after 23.bxc5?
Black to play

I have just started playing "turn based" online correspondence at Chess.com (as both "urusov" and "kenilworthian") and find I really enjoy it.  The standard time control gives you 3 days per move, so you can fit chess into even a busy schedule. Chess.com sends you an email whenever it is your move, so it is easy to keep track.  Seems a nice way to keep in touch with chess buddies you only see occasionally.  I also like that they now sync up with your Facebook account, which makes for a smooth and easy login.  Highly recommended.


Claus Jensen said...

I have played the Gallagher Variation on several occasions and I do agree it's not a positionally sound idea but it does offer interesting piece play and tactical possibilities.

I have made 2 youtube videos on games in this particular variation:



Michael Goeller said...

Thanks for the videos -- all very interesting! The second one, though, reinforces my own doubts about Qe7 in the Gallagher. The game Ztonskih - Mueller, mentioned in my notes here, puts some doubt in my mind also regarding my own approach. I think we were both lucky to get away with this in correspondence play! I start to think that the Gallagher only works at faster time controls. Meanwhile, I am playing a Panno game now -- following Bologan's recommendations -- and it is all very nice and easy for Black.