Saturday, May 01, 2010

The New Address of this Blog?

I am still debating at the moment whether to stick with Blogger or jump to WordPress, and have moved the blog to both AND  I tried installing WordPress into the Kenilworthian folder and continuing the blog in the same location, but all of the links to individual posts  changed to WordPress format and I would have to remove the existing site to make it work.  This just did not seem such a good idea, since many of my posts link to each other or are linked to by others.  I experimented with a method of switching to WordPress and then changing all of the permalinks (over 1,000) to match the Blogger format, but it turns out that this method only works with new Blogger blogs and mine is an old one.  So I have decided to just leave the old blog here as a permanent archive and to pick up the site (and duplicate it) elsewhere.  So this looks more and more like the present and future home, with the old site at serving as an archive only.

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