Monday, October 01, 2007

Articles List Updated

I have updated the list of Articles on the Kenilworth Chess Club website. It's not quite the ChessCafe Archives, but easier to navigate than Jeremy Silman or Chessville.

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transformation said...

very, very smart. so well done, an inspiration.

along these lines, pls cf. page by director of research at Google, Peter Norvig:

a not inappropriate comparison.

another well known to you comes to mind, mark crowthers

all smart, tight, congent, helpfull, well layed out. i add you to my list of example summary pages. :)

did you catch the list of invites at Wijk aan Zee, come out earlier today but of course not yet page news:

GM Viswanathan Anand 1969 2801 1
GM Vassily Ivanchuk 1969 2787 2
GM Vladimir Kramnik 1975 2785 3
GM Veselin Topalov 1975 2769 4
GM Peter Leko 1979 2755 5

[indicates not invited or contracted: 6 Morozevich, eratic if not mercurial, but exciting on the good days…]

GM Shakhryar Mamedyarov 1985 2752 7 yes!

GM Teymour Radjabov 1987 2742 8 yes!

GM Levon Aronian 1982 2741 9 yes!

[10 Shirov Missing by elo but not quite the Shirov of old ???]

GM Boris Gelfand 1968 2736 11

[12 Svidler, insipid or pedestrian]

GM Michael Adams 1971 2729 13, ify but recently showed some form? Political to the Brits to sell steel

[14 Kamsky, One more figher could not have hurt]

15 Alekseev, Evgeny who??

[16 Grischuk, motivational issues]

GM Magnus Carlsen 1990 2714 17

[18 Akopian, V. who??

19 Jakovenko, missing!]

GM Judit Polgar 1976 2708 20, marketing, image making, and sales, gender fairness…

[21 Ponmariov, who ??

22 Wang

23 Bacrot, see Grischuk for information!

24 Kajarkin, maybe]

GM Pavel Eljanov 1983 2681 30 Included? who?

GM Loek van Wely 1972 2680 32 Necessary inclusion to sell more beer in Belgium

Average rating: 2741 (based on October figures)
Category: 20

warmly, dk