Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Max Sherer at the 2007 NJ Open

Max plays blitz as father Jonathan looks on.
Nine-year-old Maximillian Sherer had a great tournament at the NJ Open, finishing even at 3-3 in the under-1900 section despite facing much higher rated opposition in every round. I have annotated two of his better games from the event. Max's game against Ernesto Labate (whose rating was in the Expert range when I played him myself years ago) shows that the youngster can be tough under pressure--battling back with perfect play to fend off a speculative piece sacrifice by the Judo master and Westfield legend.
Max has been playing regularly at the Kenilworth Chess Club of late, where he has defeated strong opposition in the Summer Tournament, as documented by The Chess Coroner (who lost to Max himself). I think you can expect great things from this kid. As his coach, though, I may be a little prejudiced...

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