Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Norowitz Draws in Round 5

IM-elect Yaacov Norowitz continued his solid performance at the U.S. Chess Championship in St. Louis, drawing GM Gregory Kaidanov in Round 5 (see notes below or download PGN).  He is now at the center of the pack at 2.5/5. Today was a rest day.

In other news, GM Joel Benjamin drew GM Gata Kamsky to spoil the leader's chances of a "picket fence" performance and the $64,000 "Fischer" prize that would accompany it.  Kamsky still leads at 4.5/5 but GM Alexander Onischuk follows in close second place with 4/5 after beating GM Larry Christiansen in a nice technical performance.  Onischuk will have White against Kamsky when play resumes Thursday.  In the Women's event, IM Irina Krush kept up her perfect performance to lead the pack by a point.  If she finishes with a perfect score, people may ask why she does not get a special prize.

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