Sunday, April 03, 2011

Anderssen - Lange, Breslau 1859

I think I truly fell in love with chess when, as a teen, I first played over Anderssen - Lange, Breslau 1859, which I saw in The Golden Treasury of Chess.  It is a truly spectacular game and probably my main inspiration for taking up Bird's Defense.  I was very disappointed to learn, years later, that Lange's entire combination was flawed and that Anderssen could have won with 10.Qe1! (see notes by Bob Basala, for instance, who expresses having a similar disappointment upon learning that).  So you can imagine how much more disappointed I am to learn today in "Edward Winter's Chess Explorations (61)" at ChessBase that the game itself is almost certainly nothing more than "analytical exploration" between the players in question.  All of the romance of chess seems to evaporate into air...

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