Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GM Larry Evans, 1932-2010

GM Larry Evans died this week at the age of 78 after complications following a gall bladder operation.    I think his work touched every U.S. player in some way, and we probably all have read something by him over the years.  My favorite Evans book is An Unbeatable Opening Repertoire after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3, focused on the Four Knights, which is surprisingly durable.  One of his better recent articles was "The Bobby Fischer That We Loved," which appeared in Chess Life and celebrated the positive side of Fischer following his death.  Though Evans is remembered more as a chess journalist than as a player, he certainly had his share of interesting games: favorites include Evans - Pilnick, Marshall CC 1946 (which he considered his best) and Taimanov - Evans, New York 1954 (part of a match in which the young American took down the famous Russian star.)  He will likely be widely eulogized this week as a natural American-born chess talent, and I will post additional links as they appear.

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Anonymous said...

There are arguments to be made for and against Evans's contributions to the game, but it's inarguable that his passing sees us losing a fine writer and teacher, He was no glory-hound -- not to the extent that cripples so many who excel in any sport or pursuit. In his roles as ambassador and journalist worked for deeper understanding -- which makes him, still, a hugely aspirational figure.
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