Friday, October 01, 2010

Stoyko's King's Indian Defense Lecture #4

Steve Stoyko discusses the King's Indian.

I finally made it to the club for FM Steve Stoyko's fourth lecture on the King's Indian.  It was absolutely helpful on many levels.  Though I wish my busy work schedule had permitted me to attend the earlier lectures, I think I picked the perfect one to attend.  We started with a review of some main line Mar del Plata lines, including the Bayonet Attack, and then turned to viable White options without Nf3, including the Four Pawns Attack, Saemisch, Hungarian (with Nge2), and Averbach (with Be2 and Bg5).  I have been playing the KID only when White commits to Nf3 to avoid these lines, but after Steve's lecture I feel confident to play it against everything.  Steve's series of lectures concludes next week with the fifth installment on the Saemisch (which he did not finish covering) and off-beat tries (such as Bd3).  I may post some notes on a particular line that interested me.

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