Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 KCC Consultation Game, Adjourned

Adjourned Position - White to move
How can Black answer 26.Ne5?

Last night began the Kenilworth Chess Club's annual consultation game (my Java, PGN, John's Java, zipped PGN), with Yaacov Norowitz leading the White team and Steve Stoyko leading the Black team.  The game was adjourned (with White sealing in the diagrammed position above) and will conclude next week.  In the diagram, you might want to puzzle out how Black saves himself from Knight forks at e5.... It's a tricky idea, though I'm sure Norowitz and crew have figured it out already.

The consultation games are a great way for players to learn from each other and get new ideas.  I am especially grateful to Steve who has taught me a tremendous amount about "chess thinking" in these discussions.  The games have proven to be such popular events that we have decided to schedule a second one this year for December 9th and 16th (which makes up for not having one in 2009). Don Carelli has written a nice entry about the Kenilworth Chess Club's consultation game tradition, and you can find information about games from 2006, 2007, and 2008 online.  Unfortunately, only the complete score of the 2007 game is currently available due to the demise of Geocities (where John posted the others).  Maybe John can repost the PGNs?

Update: John not only posted the completed consultation game but past games as well.

Black Team, led by Steve Stoyko

White Team, led by Yaacov Norowitz


Anonymous said...

Just a quick thought, Rc1.

Seems messy to me.


Chess Coroner said...

The links in my posts to the '06, '07 & May '08 games are broken but the pgn of all 4 previous consultations are in my games archive.

Chess Coroner said...

I just uploaded a replay page & pgn file with the previous consultations.


Michael Goeller said...

Yeah, the idea is 26.Ne5 Rc1!

Thanks, John, for uploading the games.